D1 is the small, easy carry product of DOSUN. It used SRT technology (Smart Reflector tech) to innovate this bike light. Through the on/off switch, the CREE high power LED will bring maximum efficiency like car head light can switch to Brights or Regular Light mode.  D1 meet the Germany StVZO 22A NO23 standard and bi-light function. Bi-light function: The beam is clearly showing from ground of 1M at the front to 10M at the ahead. This idea was coming from the car head light with cut-off line to prevent upcoming rider’s eyes. With the perfect aluminum alloy heat sink on the top, it will keep LED high performance and working life cycle. D1 has 5 easy light switch modes: Strong/Medium/Weak/Flash/Strobe. You could enjoy any modes during the ride.

ROADBIKE 2009 NOV. ARTICLE (Hot Selling Product)

Bike Sport News 2009 NOV. ARTICLE ( 5 STAR AWARD)

§D1 is the sole of leader pass K-mark with bright-regular function in the world.


Through the B/R switch, the CREE high power LED will bring maximum efficiency like car head light can switch to Brights or Regular Light mode.

yhBi-Light SRT

Computer- Calculating collimator reflects, Collimator optical reflect with superior quality can optimize to conduct LED light beam via the computer, the spotlight result is substantially promoted, and light distance get farther! 1 M Front light and 10 M Ahead light at the same time( Rainforce branch of illumination range ).


EWFRain Proof

High degree rain-resistant, even workable on the heavy rains.

432R2Aluminum Alloy Heat-Sink Structure

Aluminum alloy Heat-Sink Structure, it is dandy to dispel the heat. The Aluminum Alloy Heat-Sink Structure can efficiently promote LED to give out maximum light output, and prevent LED degrade cause of over-heatedly.

sfdvdsConstant Circuit

Built-in micro controller and regulated circuit designed, which can take 100% utilization of the batteries, extended battery life. (Using Li-ion 11.1V 2200 mAh batteries at 1th permanent bright mode (lowest output) is up to 15.5 hours battery life time.)
It can works in the -25°C.

2125 Modes / For K-mark : 2 Modes

5 modes Beam control switch – Strong, Medium, Weak, Flash and Tactical Strobe.  Press and hold the switch for 1sec. to turn it off.

For K-mark : 2 Modes – Strong, Medium.

32WEBattery Gauge

LED Power Indicator :

Blue : Full Power

Blue& Red: 1/2 Power

Red : Low Power, time to recharge battery








Bulb : CREE HIGH POWER LED MCE ( 500 Lumens )

Working temperature: -25°C~+ 80°C

Lamp Size: 61 mm x 50mm x 43mm

Lamp Weight: 90 g.

Runtime : 22 3/4 hours. (constant  brightest lights : 3 1/2 hours)

Warranty : 1 year, limited.

HV : more than 40 Lux (the center of spot) @ 10 M


NEW Battery Pack UP2:

Battery Pack : Li-ion 7.4V 3050 mAh

Size : 140 mm x 60 mm x 25 mm

Weight : 200 g

Charging Time : 5 Hours

Special Function : 5V USB OUTPUT supports hand held devices ( iphone, ipad etc. )

Rechargeable by home current.

Sport Fashion Bag :

Handbag space can be adjustable.



① LED Head Lamp x 1

② Battery Pack x 1

③ Handlebar Mount x 1

④ External Switch Mount x 1


⑤ Rubber Band x 4

⑥ Screw x 2ARTS:

⑦ Smart Charger x 1

⑧ Wrap Band x 1